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Dental products and orthodontic materials_NiTi archwire_Jiscop Co., Ltd.

ceramic bracket, sapphire bracket, mono-crystal sapphire bracket, metal bracket, beetle, buccal tube, archwires(NiTi superelastic, SS, thermal 35℃ plus, dimpled, aesthetic, posted, and lingual), molar band, NiTi reverse Curve, NiTi/SS open/closed coil springs, twist ligature ties, spooled ligature wires, straight wires, wires for lab, orthodontic elastics(power chain, ligature ties, separator

JISCOP Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dental products and orthodontic materials in Korea, have been exporting to more than 20 countries. In efforts of meeting customers’ ever-changing needs both online and offline, we are constantly striving to launch new products and improve quality with various orthodontic treatments and developments. We also keep focusing on the shape memory alloys for the development of new products that could be utilized both in electronics and medical industries. All of Jiscop members will do our best to maintain high quality and competitive prices. With frequent contribution of orthodontic material to those who need the most, Jiscop is taking a great role in making our society a better world.

1. NiTi archwire
SS archwire
High Super Elasticity Wire with Full Shape Recovery·Light and Continuous Force to better Treatment Results
·Decrease Change of Wires and Frequent Adjustment·Excellent Smoothness by Process
High Elasticity wire <NiTi archwire SS archwire>
2. NiTi open coil spring
Open and Maintain Space Efficiently·Providing Constant Tooth Movement·Easily Slides over Any Arch Wire·Convenient 21″Spool, 0.010″x0.030″ Diameter Coil
3. NiTi closed coil spring
·Divides to 4 Forces Depending on The Strength Ultra Light(Green), Light(Blue), Medium(Yellow), Heavy(Red)·High Elasticity Spring with Constant Strength of Stability·Various Eyelet Sizes for Easy Engagement of Hooks
Spring for constant tooth movement <NiTi open coil spring>
high elasticity spring <NiTi closed coil spring>
4. NiTi heat activated archwire
Thermal Heat Activated Wire·Soft, Pliable Wire for Initial Leveling and Aligning·Light Force for Easier Ligation and Patinet Comfort
Heat activated wire <NiTi heat activated archwire>



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