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Air and water purfication_AQUACELL Co. Ltd

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As Total solution Provider of pollution prevention and pollution removal fields, Our Aquacell Co., Ltd. is engaging in advanced treatment field project for pollutants removal including air and water purification, since its founding 2004. The company is recognized as having great technology in the numerous Korea and Abroad field. Especially, As Authentic Leader of protecting the environment using Bio Technology, We are carrying out our mission through ‘Bio-filter method using microorganism carrier’ succeeding in developing with research and development from 1999 over the past five years and
– Sewage and water treatment system
– Recycled water treatment system
– River water quality purification system
– VOCs/odor removal system
using ‘Sterilization, Bleaching, Deodorization and non-biodegradable pollutants removal technologyusing electrolyzation electrics’
We also conduct superior technology deployment, a thorough quality control and delivery management with using APMS which is our unique project methodology from the design and construction to commissioning, and we want to give back to the trust of our customers and members with developing new technologies, new processes through ongoing research new processes. Sustainable environment, today is the future. Aquacell Co., Ltd. is making the environment pollution-free world.
Thank you.

#Main Product
1. Wastewater treatment plant: the water treatment system is more effective method for water resources management. the water treatment system is economical and environmentally friendly water purification technique.
2. Aquacell Electro-Chemical Deodorizer
3. Aquacell Auto-Descaler
4. Aquacell Media : the media used in the bio-membrane method must have a large specific surface area and strong adhesionpower. Because of 3-D structure and formation by mixing environment-friendly zeolite with polyethylene resin, the Aquacell media has much higher specific surface area and stronger microorganism adhesion power compared to other media. Therefore, complete secession of microorganism during backwash is prevented to maintain normal performance after backwash.

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