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Wheel alignment (Samhong Engineering Co., Ltd.)

# About Samhong Engineering Co., Ltd.

We initiated our business as the company selling and marketing the electronic devices for the auto repair in the year of 1992. We were small company at the beginning stage and initiated the development of localized wheel alignmentpment in Korea.

Through lots of errors we made at the beginning phase, we completed the development of wheel alignment in order to lengthen the natural life of tires and for the comfortable and safety driving and also, in 1990, we initiated the development of big scaled wheel alignment by showingthe importance of wheel alignment for bigscaled vehicles to the market. We were proud of the prevention of loss of foreign currencies and substitution of the imported products for localized one.

Our current market share is about 40% in domestic market, and our reputation from numbers of clients are excellent. And we would try our best efforts to move forward one step advance to compared with our competitors and for manufacturing the products with high quality. And promise to try our best efforts to get the exporting network and let the South
East Asian people know about our excellent products.

We would keep trying our best efforts for the development and production of auto repairing equipment every people may conveniently use with our policy that you are our owner and until all the vehicles will stop operating.

#Main product of Samhong Engineering Co., Ltd.

-wheel alignment


2. CARPER-CCD 725 

 3. CARPER-CCD 525  

 4. CARPER-201 

 5. CARPER-CCD 325


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