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Kompass Korea Inc. was founded and authorized by Kompass Headquarter (France) in 1989 and has been involved in publishing business directory and industry services that help industrial connect. And Kompass Korea Inc. has been succeeded in an increasingly digital and global marketplace.Kompass Korea Inc. is proud of all the contents and database by the numbers and quality for the Korean company directories. Kompass Korea Inc. serves various exact business information; importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers and even service businesses.


The label Printing, Laser Label Cutter, Portable Laser Cutter_(Bitek Technology Inc.)

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# Company Introduction 

"We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology." 
Bitek Technology Inc., which has printing technology skills accumulated during the last 20 years, are doing its best with 
pride as a leading-edge company in the label printing field, again today, aiming at growth and success through the 
success of our corporate customers. We arealso providing suitable products to the market for variable small-runprinting 
by developing and manufacturing the digital-based colorlabel printing system, "anytron", for the first time in Korea. It is 
an innovative label printing system used for many industrial applications. We are making a continuous effort as a Global 
printing solution innovator who can lead not only the domestic market but also the world market with a spirit of 
flexibility and adaptability inthe present and future markets which are in constant flux. 

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