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seaweed Laver (Chungsoowon Co., Ltd.)

Company Summary
Manufacture & Export of

Food, SEA Vegetables, seaweed Laver

#Company Introduction
We, Chungsoowon Co., Ltd. are a company specialized in the production of seasoned laver and our hygienic products are manufactured in apleasant working environment with the latest production facilities cer Treatment item Jaeraegim, underwater stone moss, salted dry fish
Dosirakgim does packing possibility it is 10 * 3 rods, 4 rods, 8 rods, 9 rods, 16 rods, back various Paekke Paragraph 9
Underwater stone moss full length full length 5 1 rod, 3 rods
Jaeraegimjeonjang full length 5 1 rod, 3 rods

# Main Products
1. Lunchbox Seaweed 3packs(24pcs*3packs)
2. Sunflower Seed Seaweed 8 packs(16 pcs * 8 packs)
3. Chambuja Seaweed 16 packs(12 pcs * 16 packs)

General Information

  • Year established
  • Co.Registration No
  • Type of company
    Head Office
  • Fax
    +82 62 946-9589
  • Website


  • organic sea vegetable Laver 


Area : Asia-Pacific
Country : Malaysia


  • Type:
    ISO22000:2005 FSSC22000 FDA HACCP

Key figures


  • On site
    15 Employees
  • Company
    15 Employees


  • 2016
    7,277,000 USD
  • 2015
    8,812,000 USD
  • 2014
    5,587,000 USD

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