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Kompass Korea Inc. was founded and authorized by Kompass Headquarter (France) in 1989 and has been involved in publishing business directory and industry services that help industrial connect. And Kompass Korea Inc. has been succeeded in an increasingly digital and global marketplace.Kompass Korea Inc. is proud of all the contents and database by the numbers and quality for the Korean company directories. Kompass Korea Inc. serves various exact business information; importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers and even service businesses.


Planetary reducer, Bevel Reducer, Crane Reducer_(TAE YOUNG PRECISION )

TAE YOUNG technology has evolved as our knowledge and understanding of the industry has grown we have manufactured and installed thousands of gears and drives which provied out standing performance in industrial applications throughout the world we utilize our experience to assisr> PLANETARY REDUCER 
Compact in size in comparison with conventional gear boxes with fast speed reduction and high torque. 
 Low cost of pumping station installation below water level with successfuldevelopment of submersible GEAR BOX product. 

SPIRAL BEVEL GEAR configuration generating absolutely low noiseand high efficiency. 

Satisfaction guaranteed with optimum operating condition of high precision level, high efficiency and lowe noise with precision grinding of tooth surfaces forinternal PINION & GEAR components.

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