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ODM Case Study | Remicon Weighing Control System | SyncusTech

Project Scope

TRITECH Inc. specializes in providing Remicon weighing control systems. They provide a variety of monitoring systems, including BCP (Batching Control Panel), GPS vehicle control systems, and shipping/production management systems, among other solutions.
Recently, TRITECH Inc. partnered with SyncusTech to develop a real-time water/cement ratio monitoring system. To ensure precision, they wanted to be able to incorporate a variety of common measurements (absorption rate, concentration rate, moisture content, dilution rate, etc.) into the system. To develop such high spec products, customized motherboards are required, whereby the control system would be operated by a PC rather than a PLC.

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# Company Profile
SyncusTech provides high-quality ODM industrial motherboards at a good cost and delivery ratio to solutions providers seeking custom products in small to medium quantities. Our value By developing custom, high-value ODM industrial computing solutions that complement our partners’ core activities, SyncusTech helps customers gain new business and new verticals without having to invest an additional cost.
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