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K-doraji Snack and Beverage_Royalgreens.Co.Ltd

K-doraji, herbal drinks, vinegar drinks, balloon flower root, common cold, bronchial inflammation, lung inflammation, smog, saponin, inulin 

# About Royalgreens.Co.Ltd 
 Royalgreens Co. Ltd is established by several alumni of Korea National College of Agriculture anumers the healing benefits of natural herbs as what we call doraji*, an herb well-known for its purifying and refreshing effects in North East Asia. As a herb research and development company, Royalgreens started with places its utmost priority on building up the process design and securing high-quality raw materials. By sourcing our dorajis(jiejang in Chinese or balloon flower roots in English) directly from contracted farms and collaborating with the academia, we serve to bring healthness, nature's protection and fair local economy. Revitalizing the oriental medicinal herbs as food and drinks, Royalgreens brings you a new way to enjoy the benefits of nature. 

Our K-doraji brandis a premium herbal root raised in mountainous areas without pesticides for 3-4 years and containing the right amounts of saponin, inulin, and antioxidants when harvested. And it is an herb with anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidation effects, particularly helpful in treating common cold, phlegm, sore throat and inflammation in lungsand stomach. It has long been a popular food ingredient and snack in Korea. Enjoy the purifying and refreshing benefits of K-doraji everyday. 

# Main products [Health drinks] 
1) K-doraji Yakchung (Balloon Flower Roots Concentrate) 
2) K-doraji SangSang Tea 
3) K-doraji Yakchung(Balloon Flower Roots Concentrate) 
4) K-doraji SangSang Tea 
5) K-doraji HwangChoSoo(Balloon Flower Roots Royal Vinegar RTD tea) 
6) K-doraji Junggua(Balloon Flower Roots Junggua Snack) 




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