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I-Nanny(Smart Pet Feeder) with SHIN SUNG TECH,CO.,LTD

Company Summary
Manufacture & Export of

I-Nanny, Pet Feeder, Feeder, Smart Feeder, Pet Nanny, Care, IoT, Remote, Monitoring

# Company Introduction
The Company is developing and building a future-oriented logistics system for realizing optimal logistic justification by providing a joint logistics system of the company that manufacture automotive parts and components.
We offer service providers, including manufacturers, offering one-stop service to assemble, deliver, and manage all of our NETWORK services from products to modules, and to provide our logistics services conveniently and swiftly, anytime, anywhere.
We will do our best to reward customers with their commitment to the ever-changing experiencesof the 21st century and the differentiated experiences of the ever-changing logistics services of the 21st century.
Thank you.

#Main Product
I-Nanny(Smart Pet Feeder)

General Information

  • Year established
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    Head Office
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  • I-NANNY 


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Area : Western Europe, Asia-Pacific
Country : Australia, Japan


  • Type:
    ISO 9001 : 2008 (68549/B/0001IK/Ko) / ISO 14001 : 2004 (68549/A/0001/UK/Ko)

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