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Germanium&magnetic band, Diamond eletroplated polishing sheet_(Insung Diamond Inc.)

Germanium bracelet, Neodymium patch, magnetic patch, thermotherapy mat, healthcare bracelet, necklace, medical patch, heating mattress, incontinent pad, far infrared pad. Diamond tool, diamond polishing pad, diamond grinder, saw blade, PCB brush, super flexible diamond sheet, 3M developers and manufacturers of diamond tools such as 
1. Superflexible Diamond coated polishing pad(3M patent expired) 
2. diamond polishing hand pad 
3. diamond polishing hand file, diamond Mop grinding disc 
4. Diamond grinding & polishing wheel 
5. diamond saw blade 
6. flexible PCB brush 
7. dental stripper etc. 
and recently engaged in developing and manufacturing of Germanium and magnetic products such as Germanium and magnetic 
1. band(bracelet, anklet), 2. necklace, 3. patch, 4. incontinent pad 5. mattressetc. 

Our 35 years accumulated and sophisticated tech is Electro-deposition which is the first on in Asia and competes with 3M'sproducts. Our firm is financially stable and is owned 3 floor factoryfor those businesses. Our 35 members are well experienced in their roles and works. We try to satisfy our local and international customerswith our product quality and service. Our export markets are Japan, USA and Australia mostly that we try to expand our market with reliablepartners. All of us are still dreaming. 

# Main products 
Germanium & magnetic band (bracelet, anklet) 
Diamond electroplated polishing sheet (super flexible) 
Germanium & magneticpatch 
Diamond electroplated grinding Mop disc 
Diamond electroplated Flexible grinding Belt 

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