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Fire protection equipment provider, Butterfly valves_(SAM CHANG FOUNDRY CO., LTD.)

Butterfly Valves with UL,FM approval for installing at sprinkler line, oil and shale gas flowline products 

# Company Introduction 
 We've started our business for casting since 1967 and achievedUL and FM for our butterfly valves since 1987. So all major parts of tby our own foundry in Korea. We're the only supplier of butterfly valves for TYCO and major supplier for the other major company such as MINIMAX/VIKING and bronze valves for RELIABLE. 
We have supplied butterfly valve for Fire Protection Installation Site in Europe, Asia Pacific, Russia and North America for 20 years. Our products are awarded and obtained the following certificate by the well reputable authority. UL,ULC,FM,API,VDS,CE. It would be the first company in Asia. Also weestablished R&D center in 2012 so we're very confidence with our quality management program 
We also have provided Commercial valves and Oil,Shale gas flowline products(coupling, clamp,pup joint etc) in our factory. Based on above reasons, we,Samchang Foundry was named one of the fastest growing companies in 2015 (small giant company) in Korea.

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