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Electrical Far Infrared ray radiator (Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd)

Company Summary
Manufacture & Export of

Diet, Fat down, Pain relief, Weight control, Relieve Stress

#Company Introduction
We Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd. are producing and selling dome-shaped Far-Infrared Radiation Medical Heater both
convenient and efficient using patent technology of a type of heain the country based on the accounting records of 2014 - soaring pastsales of one hundred million won. Currently in 2015, we were the onlyones to finish clinical trials for obesity treatment and have been registered to the FDA in 2012 - being acknowledged from and exporting out to countries such as England, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia,and America; and is currently working to export in China. Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd. is the future, we will strive for continuous product development by strengthening convenience, technology, efficiency, and price up to that of a world level; and step forward as a innovative global company as Korea's proud medical leader that prioritizes the health of its customers.

#Main Product
1. Electrical Far Infrared ray radiator (Rainbow)
2. Electrical Far Infrared ray radiator (SunBeam)
3. Electrical Far Infrared ray radiator (ZenBeam)

General Information


  • VADIVA, ZenBeam 



  • Industrial Bank of Korea


Area : Asia-Pacific
Country : China


Area : Western Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific
Country : Sweden, United States, China, Hong Kong


  • Type:
    CE, ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 13485, TFDA, FDA

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