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Auto oil lubrication pump,high pressure precision lubrication system_(Hansung Precision Co., Ltd.)

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# Company Introduction 
Hansung Precision Co., Ltd.(known as the "HALS" brand) was established in 1985 and withirst domestic company to produce an automatic lubrication pump and a high pressure precision lubrication system. 
 We are currently manufacturing lubrication systems and coolant pump for machine tools, plastic injection molding machines and other industrial machines. Our lubrication system for machine tools and plastic Injection molding machines account for more than 80% of the domestic market. Our another highly compatible and practical product is coolant pumps. It play central roles in machine tools. 
 We have also developed and are producing rotor pumps and grease lubrication pumps that can be used not only in machine tools, but also in a wide range of industrial machines. 
We, HALS, will continue to strive in our efforts to produce the best products not only in the domestic market, but also in overseas markets. Hansung will be a reliable company with your future. 

# MainProducts 
- Auto oil lubrication pump 
- Coolant pump 
- Grease pump 
- Rotor pump 

# Application 
Machine Tools – MCT, CNC, Cutting Machines, Milling, automatic lathe 
Industrial Machinery – Cleaner, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Presses, Printing Machines, etc.

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