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Kompass Korea Inc. was founded and authorized by Kompass Headquarter (France) in 1989 and has been involved in publishing business directory and industry services that help industrial connect. And Kompass Korea Inc. has been succeeded in an increasingly digital and global marketplace.Kompass Korea Inc. is proud of all the contents and database by the numbers and quality for the Korean company directories. Kompass Korea Inc. serves various exact business information; importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers and even service businesses.


Lactase, Beta galactosidase, Galacto oligosaccharide, GOS, pre-biotics, Catalase, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bio catalysts_GenoFocus

GenoFocus is a platform technology company developing enzyme solutions for specialty food, eco-friendly process, biopharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and agriculture. We develop enzymes through molecular evolution using smart library generation and microbial display-based high throughput screening. With fungal and bacterial secretion systems, we custom-produce the evolved enzymes in large scale fermentation and down-stream process.


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