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LED Light and Lithium-ion battery pack_UrimKorea Co., Ltd.

# ABOUT UrimKorea Co., Ltd.

WE, URIMKOREA, is producing and developing technically LED Light and Lithium-ion battery pack.

In its product groups, there are LED LIGHT, SOLAR PANEL, LI-ION BATTEY PACK,and GENDER.

In particular, LED LIGHT which cae than 10 hours and external LI-ION batteries which can be used for more than 5 hours for notebooks in an office with no electricity are the prides of our company. Besides, NOTE INVERTER with which a refrigerator can be used for 2~4 hours during the blackout is equipped with LI-ION batteries. This is the best of our technologies.

# Main product of UrimKorea Co., Ltd. : LED Light and Lithium-ion battery pack

1. Note light 42
2. note light 6
3. note light 27
4. note solar light
5. LED lighting lamp

 *Product Introduce

LED Light using Solar module which is able to use as lighting in no electricity area or electric power shortage area who should go to bed after 6pm in order to save electricity andalso are very useful for camping out in mountain area

NOTELIGHT is the brand name of this product and very excellent in weight,Luminance, battery life span and charge time, convenience etc.

*Life span : about 5 years
*Weight : 600g
*Size: 27 x 44 x 127mm
*Type: Portable and Fixable on the wall etc easily
*Functions & others: Dimming, Easy battery charge with any voltage like car sigar power jack, solorcollector, and home adapter


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